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At Accountancy Online we understand that you’ve been running your business pretty well, but that you still need a hand getting your stuff together and keeping things on track while you start to grow. We have included a few bells and whistles in our Let’s Dance – Business Solution Package ($399 per month + GST) that will help you take your business to the next level…..




That doesn’t mean we neglect some of the essentials of every business being the compliance with the Tax Office for lodgement of items such as your Business Activity Statements and year end Tax Returns. We still look after all of that for you!


Remember as you continue to grow (with our help) you can easily move up our packages!


In our Let’s Dance Pack we offer you:


TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT/BOOKKEEPING – 25 Transactions/Reconciliation**
If you don’t have an accurate handle on your business income and expenses, how do you know if you’re actually making money?


Monitoring cash in and cash out in a timely manner helps you make better business decisions.


It is our very strong opinion that proper bookkeeping arms you with the information you need in making all your financial decisions with clarity and perspective. It is the foundation for our effective and efficient business accounting solutions.


Our team take the necessary information to make sure everything is correct and prepare key documents such as draft periodic management reports or produce your activity statements. These give your business the chance it deserves.


That’s why we include bookkeeping (we like to call it periodic transaction management!) of around an hour a month as part of our business solution to you.


Lodging a quarterly business activity statement (BAS) is part of the small business cycle and is an important element in regulatory compliance. Lodging your BAS is is mandatory if you are registered for the goods and services tax (GST).


BAS preparation can be daunting and according to the Australian Taxation Office up to 80% of BAS statements are incorrectly completed. Mistakes on this form can be costly and time-consuming to correct.


The team at Accountancy Online offer this as part of the solution for your business to keep you on track with the Tax Office.


The typical experience of a client in the tax return preparation service provided by most tax return accountants can be a little disconnected, lacking in engagement with little or no sense of value being added to the business.


We strongly believe that business tax preparation can be made easier by occurring regularly throughout the year rather than just at ‘tax time’. This form of accounting allows regular discussions between your business and our team to add extra value to your business while keeping on top of your tax obligations.


Lodgement of the annual Tax Return is included in every business solution from Accountancy Online!


We have a number of clients using each of the major accounting software packages we can often get a discount that we pass straight on to you. This is especially true if you love Xero and want to use it.


We simply add the software under our name and invoice you the reduced software cost on top of your business solution package.


It’s just another way we like to help our clients.


PAYROLL CYCLE – Up to 3 staff***
It doesn’t matter what your business does whether it’s building, inventing, servicing or selling; your business can’t move forward without people.


Moving your staff forward together in harmony is important for a great result, and it’s hugely important that your staff are paid on time and accurately everytime to keep them happy.


Payroll management is included in our larger business solution packages to assist you in keeping all your staff payments on track.


Management reporting is the process of providing your business with timely, accurate and relevant information that is designed to assist in the strategic and operational management of your business.


Effective management reporting is critical in making appropriate decisions for the efficient, effective and economical delivery of your businesses objectives.


By focusing on timely and effective management reporting, your business will benefit from:


– improved decision making
– improved management effectiveness
– more efficient use of resources in the delivery of your business
– increased confidence in the quality of decisions, and
– improved responsiveness to issues as they arise.


Timely and accurate Management Reporting on a consistent basis is CRUCIAL to your business being awesome which is why it is included as mandatory on our larger business solution packages for you.


Business intelligence and business analytics aren’t new concepts, but chances are you’re not getting anything like this from your accountant and you SHOULD BE!


We use our tools and data to identify hidden trends, relationships, operational and financial patterns, business opportunities and other vital business information and then wrap them up in easy to understand analysis and reports.


We then compare them over time to measure your progress.


It is hard to move your business forward if you don’t measure, improve and then re-measure it.


That’s why our business analytics reporting is included in most of our larger business solutions packages.


Our Webinars are ONLY available in real time to our clients on the larger business solution packages and really builds on our free content!


Our webinars cover a broad range of small business topics including: marketing, sales, finance, social media, human resource management and social media.


We discuss what’s new in all areas of business as well as including special guests and subject matter experts.




**Additional Transactions Charged at $5 per Transaction
***Additional Staff at $15 per staff member per payroll


Telephone: +61 3 9111 0090

E-mail: [email protected]



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