Business & life advice in song lyrics….gotta get out to get this to last!

Business & life advice in song lyrics….gotta get out to get this to last!

Music plays a big part of our business. We love music as a non-caffeinated way of altering the mood of our business, people and office dynamic. Sometimes you need to be lifted up, sometimes you need to be inspired and sometimes you need to dial it down.


So today’s Friday Fun are some lyrics that have great application to business and life.


So what song is it today…..???


“Gotta get out to get compensation.
Gotta get out to get this to last!”


Every accountant seems to reads very similar business books (Lean Start-Up, etc) and one of the ones on the everyone seems to read is Michael Gerbers e-Myth where he breaks down business into essentially acting as Technician, Manager and (though I have always disliked the term) Entrepreneur.


Due to some unforeseen staff issues I’ve found myself on the tools a lot more than normal in the last 3 months.


This is not ideal.


I’m not the best Debit & Credit accountant in the world.


Honestly, I’m probably not even the best Debit & Credit accountant in my family (true story)


Don’t get me wrong, I am very good at what I can do, but I’m the first to admit that being a straight technician or do-er is not my strong suit.


However the real problem is that this also affects the ability for me to grow the business or even simply learn new things, both of which are much more important.


So I know I’ve got to get back out of the doing I’ve been doing recently and back into at the very least the managing part, but ideally what brings the most value which is the strategic, bigger picture stuff.


That is what makes this last for me.


Sometimes this isn’t black and white, but work out what brings the most value to your business, firm and life and focus on that.


Happy Friday one and all.

Watch the video/song below….




We have a number of previous posts on Music Lyrics you can learn from that you can read at or if you’d prefer you can listen to most of the tracks on our Spotify playlist at


Written by Kane Munro. Kane is a CPA who was “born” as an accountant on the day GST started (1st July 2000). An adviser as well as having served as a Virtual CFO, Kane helps build small business and start-up business by providing fresh solutions to clients in both the traditional and entrepreneur space. Having moved between Tax, Superannuation and Technology (and everything in between) he has a broad understanding on what makes most businesses succeed. He has also assisted many accountancy firms in outsourcing work.


Accountancy Online is a new way of looking at business and it’s a new way of looking at what drives your business and what drives the most important part of your business…YOU!


The Accountancy Online team offer small businesses a highly experienced virtual CFO service who will work remotely as part of your team to help you improve your business. We take ownership of your finance function as well as provide high level strategic guidance. Our VCFO service can provide you with the ability to achieve significant growth and success.

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