Business & life advice in song lyrics….nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time

Business & life advice in song lyrics….nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time

Music plays a big part of our business. We love music as a non-caffeinated way of altering the mood of our business, people and office dynamic. Sometimes you need to be lifted up, sometimes you need to be inspired and sometimes you need to dial it down.


So today’s Friday Fun are some lyrics that have great application to business and life.


So what song is it today…..???


“Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time!”


It’s not really easy, but you can.


It takes a lot of work to understand any person and sometimes it’s even harder to try and understand yourself (and you may never fully do so).


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though because having some kind of understanding of yourself is so important in all your relationships and even just moving forward (full stop).


Maybe all you need is a little space and a little time.


Maybe you just need a different place to work on being you or just a different place to work (full stop).


A quiet little space every now and again where you can just take a deep breath.


An uninterrupted space to escape every now and again.


While it’s fantastic to spend time helping others, it’s also not selfish to help yourself every now and again.


It all just takes time and maybe a little love.


Happy Friday one and all.

Watch the video/song below….


We have a number of previous posts on Music Lyrics you can learn from that you can read at or if you’d prefer you can listen to most of the tracks on our Spotify playlist at


Written by Kane Munro. Kane is a CPA who was “born” as an accountant on the day GST started (1st July 2000). An adviser as well as having served as a Virtual CFO, Kane helps build small business and start-up business by providing fresh solutions to clients in both the traditional and entrepreneur space. Having moved between Tax, Superannuation and Technology (and everything in between) he has a broad understanding on what makes most businesses succeed. He has also assisted many accountancy firms in outsourcing work.


Accountancy Online is a new way of looking at business and it’s a new way of looking at what drives your business and what drives the most important part of your business…YOU!


The Accountancy Online team offer small businesses a highly experienced virtual CFO service who will work remotely as part of your team to help you improve your business. We take ownership of your finance function as well as provide high level strategic guidance. Our VCFO service can provide you with the ability to achieve significant growth and success.

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