Business & life advice in song lyrics….sometimes you do have to say goodbye!

Business & life advice in song lyrics….sometimes you do have to say goodbye!

Music plays a big part of our business. We love music as a non-caffeinated way of altering the mood of our business, people and office dynamic. Sometimes you need to be lifted up, sometimes you need to be inspired and sometimes you need to dial it down.


So today’s Friday Fun are some lyrics that have great application to business and life.


So what song is it today…..???


“For a while it was nice…..but it’s time to say bye.”


Given we are moving into Melbourne Cup Week now is a good time to talk about how recently I closed the (virtual) doors on one of my earliest and longest running businesses.


While the business was over 10 years old and one of the first of its kind you almost certainly haven’t heard of it. It was called (the website has been removed) and it provided horse racing tips and content using a freemium model.


There were a few sliding door moments where this business could have been what I very profitably did for the foreseeable future, but for a variety of reasons (some controllable and some uncontrollable) it never quite panned out that way.


Despite this I still managed to do things with this website I never thought possible. These included:


  • Receiving media accreditation for the Melbourne Cup and all the Spring Carnival races in Melbourne and got to walk into any Marquee or Mounting Yard and get a photo (I have thousands of photos).
  • Getting close enough to Black Caviar to feel her breath on our neck before and after a race.
  • Having Emma Freedman MCed our Spring Launch (though I’m sure, like us, she would like to forget that it happened)
  • Winning a photography award from Racing Victoria with a cash prize.
  • Receiving media accreditation for the Golden Slipper in Sydney.
  • Sitting across from Bart Cummings having a scotch when the races were cancelled one Autumn Day and high fived winning trainers and strappers who have won major Australian races.
  • This exposure allowed us to contribute to MX in Melbourne and were interviewed on radio on Melbourne Cup morning dissecting the field.
  • We even attended Royal Ascot with media accreditation and stood on the track close enough to tell whether the Queens outfit was canary yellow or more of a lemon curd colour.


Sure this website never made me that much money directly so I guess it was a failure reason, but it taught me to code websites, setup and run social media campaigns (before they were a thing), automate emails, analyse data, deal with developers as well as develop and write content and negotiate with media outlets.


All experiences and skills that I could never replicate.


Often money isn’t always the best judge of success.


P.S. I’ll still be at Flemington on Derby and Oaks Day if you’re looking for a tip….or want to know more about when and why I closed this.


Happy Friday one and all.

Watch the video/song below….



We have a number of previous posts on Music Lyrics you can learn from that you can read at or if you’d prefer you can listen to most of the tracks on our Spotify playlist at


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